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Why join the IBEW?

We are an organization of workers joined together to elevate our collective conditions of life and labour, not merely a job referral agency.  The IBEW started with 10 electricians on November 28, 1891.  It now has over 725,000 members, 55,000 of which are in Canada.  Of the 100 locals in Canada, 35 are construction locals.  IBEW Local 2038 (Regina) represents Construction Electricians from the southern part of Saskatchewan, south of the 51 latitude and IBEW Local 529 (Saskatoon & P.A.) represents the area north of the 51 latitude.

Our union is a democracy with local elections held every 3 years.  All elected positions with the local are unpaid and volunteer, with the exception of our Business Manager and the Membership Development Representative (hired by the Business Manager).  We hold monthly meeting on the 4th Tuesday of every month and our office is open Monday Friday 8 a.m. 5 p.m.

We are ruled by a constitution and have local bylaws.  We have negotiated collective agreements with the CLR (Construction Labour Relations) of Saskatchewan, which represent unionized contractors.


            Excellent Wages Available upon request

            Excellent Pension Plan (Employer paid)

          Health and Welfare Plan (Employer paid)  has coverage including:

Dental Plan, Prescription Drug Plan, Vision Care, Disability Insurance, Weekly Income Insurance, Life Insurance and various other benefits.


Our agreement has: 

            Overtime clauses 1.5X and 2X

            1 week pay periods

            Shift differential (17%)

            High time 1.5 x base rate

            L.O.A. , Travel time

            Hiring Procedures (including name hires and local hiring procedures)

            Grievance Procedure (an orderly system for settling disputes while protecting the worker)

            Minimum tool list (the remainder supplied by the employer)

            Regulated Apprentice / Journeyman ratio

            Regulated Foreman / worker ratio

We also offer training paid for by the Union Hall, some examples are:

CSTS & R&R (required on job sites),  1st Aid / CPR, Code Book Classes, Welding, BoomTruck, PLC and many more.  We also reimburse our apprentices the tuition costs when going to trade school, upon successful completion.

Another benefit to joining the IBEW is the ability to travel to other locals.  Example: When a particular local needs more manpower than it can supply they will call other locals to supply them with the required manpower.  Whether working locally or traveling to other locals, your excellent wages, excellent pension plan and Health & Welfare Plan follows.


All members pay monthly dues.  Apprentices pay $32.00/month and Journeypersons pay $47.00/month.  While working there is an additional 2% working dues.

For further information contact:

Brian Pastuch IBEW Membership Development at: 539-2038



IBEW Local 2038, 1802 McAra Street, Regina, SK

Phone: 757-0222   Fax: 352-6529

E-mail address:


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